About Us


Welcome to Travelling Baskets' online store. Travelling Basket began with a journey, one that was born through need & one that came from nesting (as we often like to refer to it).

We are Jacek & Nathalie. Adventurers, artists, climbers, part time smallholders & growers; lovers of tiny spaces, well built & lived in; builders of our own tiny home & much loved mobile studio. We are a combination of things & depending on what day we are asked it very well might be different, but importantly we are attempting to pursue what we love.


We collaborate, photograph, style, build & design. Jacek works in film & Nathalie as an environmental artist. We both travel.

Travelling Basket grew from these pursuits & our love of travel, traditional crafts, handmade & quality products. We believe that everyday products, as part of your home & life, should have as much care & skill honed into their making as any sculpture or film. We live with things we love & that love to be used. All our products are carefully selected & materials sourced so that everyday use becomes part of their story & beauty.

We hope you enjoy what Travelling Basket has to offer & support us & the many makers, artists & crafters that we work with.

If you like what you've heard so far and this sounds a bit like you then why not head over to our Work With Us page to find out more about what we get up to, how we work & how we can collaborate.


We also hope that you will journey with us on this exciting adventure with our Journal here on the website & on our Instagram.

With thanks & wishes & we'll see you soon,




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